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Jane is a very gifted & natural medium.I was very nervous and anxious going for my reading , she was so nice and made me comfortable in minutes and i was blown away by the whole experience. Antoinette in Wicklow.

Hi Jane , thank you for the email with the reading in it, my angels are always watching over me I can feel them at times in my lif I just live my life each day so we will see what the universe has planned for me... I would luv better health but again I trust that I will always be carried through the hard times, so I'm grateful for your message, your love and kindness😘 Pat in Scotland

Thank you, Jane for the Angel card reading. It is uplifting and gives me alot of hope and relates perfectly to how things are for me right now.

Norma in Limerick Xx <3

Thanks so much Jane for an amazing experience Denise  xx

Thank you Jane Donnelly for the calmness you brought into the room. You helped a lot families members tonight. Definitely coming to next 1 when it's on Joan in kerry x☺☺

You were amazing Jane well done you brought such comfort to a lot of people tonight Susan  xx☺

It was very good tonight jane. I really enjoyed it thank you very much JoJo in Killarney 😊

jane is so kind and genuinely caring. i had a healing from her and will be forever grateful my long term  pain is gone.

Jason in Kerry

Jane you are truly one of kind .Maureen in New York 

Thank you so much for the healing you sent Jane donnelly , it has had a profound effect on my life .Jane P in America

i will be forever indebted to you jane, i cannot describe the feeling of peace i have since you gave me that message from my mother after all these years <3

Annette in Dublin

Jane you have given me so much light , i desperatly needed those messages from my mom and uncle to help me through this illness.God bless you .Mick in Wales

Ann Hogan I got a reading from jane donnlly she told me every thing that only family knew she is brill i was so happy with the reading i thank u again jane and would recomement people to go and get a reading from her

I want to say Jane is a beautiful person and and has an amazing gift. I did the reiki course level one and all I can say it has changed my life and me as a person early days yet but all still positive I would recommend it to anyone ❤️❤️❤️
You saved my life <3
you have the gift Jane ,
healing hands, God Bless you
katie in Cork
Jane i can't believe that after 1 session the lump has disappeared! hospital today and no lump!!!!!!!!!!! I will be forever grateful , May God bless you  for the angel you are .Yvette xx Kerry
I was in so much pain , doctors , hospitals ,mris ,nothing helped.I was desperate and in agony.Two vists to Jane and i am 100 % pain free. She is a miracle worker! Alex from Dublin

I was diagnosed with depression ten years ago and medication never helped how low i felt. Jane did a healing and removed the negative entity inside of me and i now have my life back.I thank God every day for this beautiful angel , I am indebted to Jane forever. Niamh in Sligo

I received a medium ship reading from Jane and omg it was profound and so true.She has such an amazing gift and such honesty and humility is hard to fine in anyone these days.I am blessed to know her. Marcus in Berlin. 

 I was in so much pain before i went to Jane for a healing.I could not believe the relief after the first session and I am totally pain free since the second session last month.Jane is an angel on earth and my faith has been restored after years of pain and tests.Lee in Longford.

I suffer with M.S. and had a re occurrence of severe symptoms, I visited Jane for a healing and all symptoms were gone completely within two days.I am eternally grateful for Jane and the gifts she has < 3 Mary in Dublin

Went to Jane for a medium sitting and it was so spot on , i was amazed .I went in a bit skeptical but she told me things no one knew and i mean no one! Gobsmacked Denis in Kerry 

You are a gift from God Jane, you have saved my life. thanks to the internet and you!!Ben in Sydney

Hi Jane just letting you know all that you told me in my reading 6 months ago has happened .You are amazing , I could not have kept faith without your guidance and the fact that you are spot on is such a miracle! God Bless you always.

Kate in Tralee

Jane how can I ever thank you?Removing that evil spirit has changed my life in an indescribable way.I was in a living hell, swamped in darkness and negativity .You are  a gift from God and I will pray for you and give thanks every day of my life. I thank god for knowing you.

Declan from Meath

Shining your light from kerry to london,i feel so amazing right now , wow that was powerful! You have the gift for sure girl .Catherine xxxxxxx
Just brilliant:)  Jane has a very light and peaceful energy about her ,she makes me feel calm and relaxed when in her company ,she is a very talented lady would highly recommend her she's spot on with her readings and a great person .
Caroline in kerry
Thank you , thank you,  thank you Jane! you are  truly gifted and a powerful healer, that was an amazing experience and you picked up so much from my energy it was freaky !!!
Maj in Sligo
Jane i can never thank you enough, but I thank God every day that i met you . Patricia <3 

Jane has helped me by clearing the energy of my home from a distance. This resulted in facilitating me to remove items which no longer served me which had a harsh energy. I donated these items to charity/thrift shops, who were delighted. The energy in my home is now much calmer and relaxed. Jane also gave me an accurate online card reading. Much of what Jane has said in the reading has come to pass. I also love the energy of Jane's Energy Healing Page. Jan's uplifting posts and postive affirmations brighten my day and illuminate any darkness. Thank you Jane! Keep up your good work!

Yvonne O Shea

hello Lady , You are awesome,The peace you gave me is priceless , much love and 
Big hugs from California <3 
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