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Email Reading, Your Angel Messages

Email Three  Angel Card Spread





I will connect with your guardian angels,

spirit guides and loved ones in spirit to receive advice

and guidance on how

to help you move

forward in your life.

Email Psychic questions

Email Celtic Cross in depth Angel Card Reading





This Ten Card Angel Card Reading is one of the most well known & loved Angel card spreads. It is used to give you insight into your situation & the likely possible outcome.

Receive the words you need to hear right now from your Angels.

Your Angels are always with you and ready to help.

They have so much  love for you and want to help you shine your brightest light and dance with life in joy.

Eight Psychic Questions 


For these email psychic readings I will connect psychically to your angels and spirit guides to seek answers to your questions. To bring you peace and  enable you to move forward confidently with your life. 

Three psychic questions


My highest priority is offering my clients,value for their money. I do not and will not provide services that are insubstantial or fraudulent. Every service I offer is one that I can recognize from my  personal experience to be of realistic  and empowering benefit to its intended audience.I do not pressure clients to do anything they do not want to do or are uncomfortable doing. This includes using my authority as a psychic and spiritual counselor to pressure clients into buying services they do not want. I do not provide legal, medical or psychological services that I am unqualified to provide. Furthermore, I clearly inform clients of my  applicable qualifications, training and licenses, or lack thereof. These standards remain in place to protect all.

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