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About Jane

As a child i saw what i used to call ghosts all the time.I never felt frightened by what i see.  I quickly came to understand that my siblings and friend were not seeing them or the Angels i saw either so I stopped talking about it to anyone.I never stopped seeing them , I just took no notice for years until  a picture of my son showed up and angel orb on his shoulder and I was opened up to the beautiful world of Angels and Spirit again.Then angels ,orbs and spirit began to show up in  my photographs and all around, so I began studying to find out more . I studied under Doreen Virtue, James Van Praagh and I attended The Arthur Findley College The worlds Foremost College for the Advancement of Psychic Science.I continue to study , meditate , listen to my angels , pray to God and receive guidance daily.

I feel extremely  both humbled and honored to be a voice of spirit.I do this from a place of love and compassion with an intention to bring healing to both realms (physical and spiritual )I work for God shining my light for others to remember they too are of God <3

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Jane Donnelly Healings Ballytrasna, killarney Co.Kerry


I am a natural healer, born with these unique  gifts. I live and breath healing and am grateful  that i can share these  with you all.
 I have also studied many natural and complementary  healing modalities .I have diplomas in Psychology,Counselling and Therapy, Energy Healing ,Angel Healing Therapy, Aromatherapy,Crystal Healing ,Reflexology ,Meditation, Sound Healing and I  am currently studying  for a diploma  in Life Coaching.
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